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Fäbu bevor Tour of California Prolog - a must read!

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09.03.2009 23:45

As the best times continued to drop, our focus switched to Fabian Cancellara. A few days prior to the race Fabian was feeling under the weather and we were all hoping that he would come around on race day.

One hour before his start he was asleep in the back of the bus and not responding to our wishes for him to get on his bike. Less than 45 minutes before his start he stumbled out of the bus and got on the trainer. His face was pale and he pulled me aside and said, "I am feeling bad, but will try my best". This being my first race as part of the staff I felt like freaking out! I wanted to give him some inspirational speech, but all I could muster was a consolatory pat on the back. We gave him his space and just acted like we were not looking at him, but we all were.

He started to get some color back in his face as he entered the zone that only a double world champion and current Olympic champion can obtain. Just then I noticed a distinct odor. Was someone smoking around the riders? NO, it was Fabian's rear wheel burning up on the home trainer. I thought that we had just adjusted it poorly, but when it warped enough to almost send him crashing to the ground I had a feeling that something special was going to happen.

With all the best riders out on course lowering the fastest time by the minute, the anticipation of who would win was at its climax. After Fabian left for his start, I was like every other fan out there...GLUED to the Jumbotron! When he came in with the best time of the day it was such a special moment for the team.

10.03.2009 00:34

so kennen wir Luigi, fällt fast vom rad und gewinnt trotzdem


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